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About Us

A brief intorduction to our organization and our beliefs.

Punarjagran Samiti, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, is an NGO – Non for-profit Governmental Organization that was established in 2014, by Shri Babulal Singh who is also currently leading this NGO. It is committed towards primarily in the domain of education for children, empowerment of the women which works for fulfilling the needs of institutional support and the well-being of the associated members. It aims to empower children and women to successfully earn a living by providing them access to skills, knowledge and information. Majorly, the NGO works in South Delhi region and as of now they have 45 education centres working alongside.

Punarjagran Samiti registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 is a non-profit, rural development and voluntary, organisation in India whose mission is to eliminate poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy. Punar Jagran Samiti is very focussed in cleanness, women empowerment and environment, it’s an indigenous NGO which located in Delhi.

Punarjagran Samiti is a growing NGO which formed in Oct, 2014 by 9 members group among are social workers and is comprised of energetic group. The idea of establishment of the NGO took root from when one of the associated members saw the underprivileged people struggling to earn a living and they couldn’t feed their family two square meals a day. They also saw the privileged old-aged people living by the side of the roads because they lacked a roof over their head which were the privileges denied by their own children.

In the starting, I was wondering how the pandemic and the lockdown has affected the people of that strata. I was taken aback by how it has affected them leading to homeless life, living without adequate food and then without education too. As I was a part of the Whatsapp group of the NGO, I saw a few activities that were taken up at the Punar Jagran Samiti during the time of pandemic and lockdown, that works for upliftment of under-privileged children, they taught them basic education, provided free food to the under-privileged senior citizens and empowering women to help them be independent and earn living.

They were eager to learn any and everything by learning every other small thing that might help them secure a better future. The Children who were there, were very enthusiastic to learn about numbers, basic sciences and computers. I had been ignorant about many things and taken them for granted in my life, but now I can appreciate my life more and strive to help those in need.

Mission of the NGO – Punarjagran Samiti

Punarjagran Samiti is a non-profit, rural development and voluntary, organisation in India whose mission is to eliminate Poverty and UN-Employment. Punarjagran Samiti is working for Socially, Culturally, Economically Weaker, Orphans & Divyaang Jan.They have a working style of partnership and mutual sharing of ideas and information with the target groups.

Vision of the NGO – Punarjagran Samiti

Punarjagran Samiti is a non-for-profit organisation in India whose vision is to help the Economically Weaker Section, provide free Education for Economically Weaker section, Skill Development of the children and women, Rural Development, Health And Cleanness, Environmental Awareness, Women Empowerment and many other areas of work.

Core Values of the NGO – Punarjagran Samiti

  • Create opportunities for underprivileged women to educate and make them responsible citizen to strengthen the nation and society.
  • They want to empower women and the needy people associated with them self-reliant and improve living status and standard.
  • Engaging, supporting and strengthening affiliates and members which also helps in developing a culture in which members have a sense of belonging and ownership of the organization.
  • It also provides a forum in the form of a WhatsApp group for the full and free expression of views and opinions which also helps in facilitating full participation and ensures collective decision-making. This also helps everyone in connecting with the people senior to them which also ensures transparency in the instructions and social accountability.
  • Identifying challenges facing children and women and taking appropriate actions.
  • Work to improvement and upliftment of the livelihood of people of society.
  • To eradicate poverty and make equal opportunities for people of society to live happy and prosperous life.